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Here in Utah we have so many tourist activities that maybe you've thought about owning a short term rental.
This FREE class will teach you everyting you need to know about owning an Airbnb or VBRO or HomeAway home.
Pros/Cons, following city regulations, top host secrets and more.
Refreshments will be served!

January 15th  6-7pm   South Weber, UT

How to Own and Operate a Successful AirBNB

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It's the New Year and it's time for some NEW habits!

What you put into your morning makes a huge diffence on the outcome of your day.

We'll go throught the science of how to make your morning more effective, give you tools for creating your routine, and you'll leave with a structured and written out routine that will fuel your New Year's resolutions.

January 17th 6-7pm  South Weber, UT

Creating your Morning Routine

Come learn about WHAT a Vision Board is, HOW to use one, WHY you need one, and HOW to make one!

Plus, you'll learn 7 ways to add Jet Fuel to your Current board.

This class is for both those who have never used a Vision Board or those who have been using one for years.

We'll offer 1 hr of training on Vision Boards, and they we'll spend 1 hour together planning, printing, choosing, gluing, and creating YOUR vision board.

You'll leave with a COMPLETED Vision Board that will set your 2020 on FIRE!

Get ready to create, dream and manifest an incredible 2020!


Tickets are $20 and include the class, lunch, and supplies to make your board.

January 18th 11am-1pm

Vision Board Workshop w/ Lunch

We speak everyday, but do we actually pay attendtion to our language and choose to make it more powerful?
This FREE class will teach you 10 phrases that you should be saying everyday to get more of what you want out of business and life.
Hollie trains companies all over the Country on their communication skills and how to implement change, she'll give you an insight into everything you need to know about your communication.
Come hang out for a great lunch and learn.

January 24th 11am-12pm

10 Power Phrases You Should Be Saying Everyday



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